Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits (CE)

Course Format: Online Video
Course Credit Type: CE PACE
Course Credit: 1.00
Rewards Points Earned: 125
Course Category: *Compliance, Medical Laboratory Science
Course Cost: $57.00
Course Release Date: January 01, 2010
Course Expiration Date: March 24, 2018
Program Summary: Most people aren't aware of the injuries that can be inflicted during a routine venipuncture. Yet hundreds if not thousands of patients every year suffer permanent, disabling, disfiguring, and paralyzing injuries—even amputation and death—as a result of improperly performed venipuncture procedures. This video includes actual case studies from the files of an expert witness illustrating key concepts and detailing the most common mistakes phlebotomists and their managers make that result in injury. Features include:
  • eye-popping 3D graphic animation of the proper angle of insertion and the mechanics of nerve injury;
  • discussions of the most common phlebotomy-related injuries and the errors healthcare personnel commit that inflict them;
  • detailed information on patient identification, nerve injuries, antecubital anatomy, preventing hematoma and much more;
  • over 15 reenactments of actual phlebotomy-related injuries that have prompted legal action against healthcare providers;
  • an opportunity to earn 1.0 hour of ASCLS P.A.C.E.® continuing education credit;
  • consistent with the most recent CLSI venipuncture standard, H3-A6 (revised November, 2007);
After watching this video, viewers will be able to:
  • associate errors in technique, judgment, and supervision with phlebotomy-related injuries;
  • identify the most common injuries poor phlebotomy technique inflicts upon patients;
  • evaluate your own potential to inflict a phlebotomy-related injury;
  • describe the anatomy of the antecubital area in regards to veins, arteries, and nerves;
  • define the limits to needle manipulation according to CLSI standards;
  • identify the high-risk vein of the antecubital area... and much more.
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